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Listed below is a summary of courses of study at The Peabody Institute. Click on titles for more information. If you'd rather, you can also explore the school's web site at peabody.jhu.edu.

Brass Instruments

The Peabody Conservatory of Music has a distinguished brass faculty that includes leading players in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Chamber Music

The study and performance of chamber music is an essential part of every student’s artistic development at Peabody. Collaborating with others in the interpretive process sparks the imagination which expands our sense of articulation, character and color, and inspires us to recreate a work in a more meaningful way.

Computer Music

The outstanding programs and facilities of the Computer Music Department add another exciting dimension to composition at Peabody.


The Orchestral Conducting Program at Peabody Conservatory, under the direction of master teacher Gustav Meier, is designed to provide training and practical experience both to beginning conductors and to those with professional experience wishing to expand their repertoire.

Early Music

The Early Music Program provides instruction and performance opportunities in Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical music. Students play on period instruments and develop vocal techniques compatible with early performance practices.

Ensemble Arts

The large ensemble program at the Peabody Conservatory of Music is designed to acquaint the entire student body, as well as the participating student, with the rich and varied literature of many musical genres, and to provide participants with the means, through rigorous rehearsals and frequent public performances, of developing their musical skills to a high level of artistic competence.


The guitar curriculum offers a full range of courses to support the development of future teachers and concert artists. It features weekly performance classes, pedagogy, guitar ensemble, guitar and lute literature classes, and guitar skills and lute tablature instruction. All students in the guitar program work with Manuel Barrueco through master classes and other venues.


Harpists at the Conservatory are encouraged to develop their skills as solo, chamber, and orchestral musicians in a wide variety of performance situations. These include large ensembles, small chamber groups, and the Peabody Harp Ensemble.


Peabody’s Bachelor of Music Program in Jazz Performance is designed to equip the motivated student with the tools necessary to pursue a professional career in jazz and other related areas of contemporary music.

Music Composition

Considered among the world’s elite musical training grounds for more than a century, the Peabody Conservatory’s dedication to composition has never wavered in its now 150+ year history. As a division of The Johns Hopkins University, Peabody takes its place alongside the institution’s other internationally renowned centers of research and learning, shaping the role of music in the new century.

Music Education

The Peabody Undergraduate Music Education program is designed for the gifted performer who also has a special interest in sharing his or her musical expertise through teaching music in elementary or secondary schools.

Musicology, Music History

The program can serve as a stepping stone to a doctorate in musicology, or as a secondary degree for someone seeking to obtain or maintain a position teaching performance at the university level, or in a variety of related professions such as music publishing or music criticism.

Music Theory

The Department of Music Theory, including the affiliate areas of Ear-Training and Keyboard Studies, strives to intensify the musicianship of conservatory students and provide the required skills for a profound and concentrated understanding of music.


The Peabody Conservatory of Music offers a program of studies in organ at both graduate and undergraduate level under the direction of Donald Sutherland, one of the most renowned performers and teachers in the country.


The overall goal of the percussion department is to provide a rewarding and fulfilling musical experience while simultaneously preparing each student to be a serious competitor in the multi-faceted music industry.


The Piano Faculty of the Peabody Conservatory of Music enjoys a reputation of international acclaim. Its members have played with the world’s great orchestras and in recital in the most prestigious halls on five continents.

Recording Arts and Sciences

The Bachelor of Music in Recording Arts and Sciences, a unique double-major degree program, is known as the American counterpart to the European Tonmeister training program. The Peabody/Hopkins degree combines the courses and performance requirements of Peabody’s Bachelor of Music Program along with special courses in the Recording Arts and Sciences.

String Instruments

The String Department at the Peabody Conservatory of Music is distinguished by a faculty of exceptional artists who enjoy national and international careers. Its members have won prizes in some of the most renowned international music competitions, including the Tchaikovsky in Moscow and the Queen Elisabeth of Belgium.

Voice and Opera

The Peabody Opera Department (Roger Brunyate, artistic director) serves the educational needs of students in the conservatory, while offering a variety of operatic performances to audiences in the Baltimore region. Whether onstage or in the studio, we believe our work reflects what we consider our most valuable quality: that sense of community which creates a close collaboration between students and teachers in the classroom, and brings a tight-knit spirit of ensemble to the stage.

Woodwind Instruments

The Peabody Conservatory of Music has a distinguished woodwind faculty that includes principal and former principal players of such orchestras as the Baltimore Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony, Santa Fe Opera Orchestra, and San Antonio Symphony.

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