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Listed below is a summary of courses of study at The Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. Click on titles for more information. If you'd rather, you can also explore the school's web site at engineering.jhu.edu.

ALSO: See Whiting School of Engineering's Engineering for Professionals Courses of Study.

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Degrees offered: BA, BS, MA, MS, MSE, PhD

Bioengineering Innovation and Design

Degrees offered: MS

Biomedical Engineering

Degrees offered: BA, BS, MSE, PhD

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Degrees offered: BS, MSE, PhD

Civil Engineering

Degrees offereed: BS, MCE, MSE, PhD

Computer Engineering

Degree offered: BS

Computer Science

Degrees offered: BA, BS, MSE, PhD

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Degrees offered: MSE, PhD

Electrical Engineering

Degrees offered: BA, BS

Engineering for Sustainable Development

Degree: Minor only

Engineering Management

Degree offered: MS

Engineering Mechanics

Degree offered: BS

Entrepreneurship and Management

Degree offered: Minor only

Environmental Engineering

Degree offered: BS

Financial Mathematics

Degree offered: MS

General Engineering

Degree offered: BA


Degrees offered: BA

Geography and Environmental Engineering

Degrees offered: MA, MS, MSE, PhD

Leadership Education (Center for)

Programs available: Engineering Management, professional communication, entrepreneurship and management (minor)

Materials Science and Engineering

Degrees offered: BS, MSE, PhD

Mechanical Engineering

Degrees offered: BS, MSE, PhD


Degrees offered: minor only

Security Informatics

Degree offered: MS

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