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Listed below is a summary of courses of study at The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Click on titles for more information. If you'd rather, you can also explore the school's web site at carey.jhu.edu.

ABACUS Undergraduate Certificate

This intensive noncredit three-week program teaches non-business majors essential business skills and problem-solving techniques.

Biotechnology (MBA/MS)

The Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Biotechnology degree teaches students the fundamental and advanced principles of both business and biotechnology including negotiation, finance, regulatory and legal manners, as well as biochemistry, biostatistics and bioinformatics.

Business (BS)

The BS in Business provides students with a wide-ranging perspective on business and helps them understand and integrate core concepts in finance, marketing, management, and technology.

Business of Medicine Graduate Certificate

The Hopkins Business of Medicine Graduate Certificate Program gives physicians and other specialized post-baccalaureate clinicians the knowledge and skills to compete successfully in today’s dynamic and complex health care environment.

Communication (MBA/MA)

The Master of Business Administration/Master of Arts in Communication degree develops students’ managerial acumen and their expertise as communicators. The dual degree, administered with the Johns Hopkins Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, prepares students for leadership roles in a range of areas, including public and media relations, advertising, crisis communication, risk communication, and organizational development.

Competitive Intelligence Graduate Certificate

Competitive intelligence (CI) is a systematic program for gathering, analyzing, and managing external information that can affect an organization’s plans, decisions, and operations. Basic areas where CI professionals work include market, strategic, product and financial planning; information services; research and development, and counterintelligence.

Finance (MS)

This rigorous program takes full advantage of the latest technologies and methodologies. Core and elective courses cover corporate finance, entrepreneurial financing, econometrics, financial risk management, mergers and acquisitions, data mining, and discovery informatics.

Financial Management Graduate Certificate

This program is designed to give students a thorough foundation in finance and the practical tools needed to thrive as effective financial managers. The curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in financial theory as well as technical and analytical.

Global MBA

The flagship program of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School reinvents the traditional business degree as it covers the essential subjects of business education, but with an innovative academic structure and a philosophy of producing students who want to profit society as well as turn a profit. It is designed to immerse students in a variety of learning approaches and experiences, including discussion-driven seminars, active learning through fieldwork and internships, self-assessment and discovery, team-based projects, consulting engagements, and an innovative “Discovery to Market” project.

Government (MBA/MA)

The distinctive Master of Business Administration/Master of Arts in Government responds to the needs of students who envision careers blending business and public-sector expertise. The rigorous course work, encompassing government, politics, ethics, global economics, financial theory, and management, bridges the traditional separation of private and public sectors.

Information Systems (MBA/MS)

The dual-degree MBA/MS in Information Systems helps students develop technical knowledge and leadership skills essential to success in managerial or development roles in both business and technology.

By adding 18 credits to the freestanding MBA degree, students may additionally earn a Master of Science in Information Systems.

Information Systems (MS)

The Master of Science in Information Systems degree serves students who seek to become business leaders who possess critically valuable technology skills. Students learn to plan, develop, implement, and manage systems for organizations that rely on the best and latest thinking in the information systems field.

Investments Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Investments is designed to meet the demands of professionals in the rapidly developing field of investments and finance. The curriculum is both rigorous and contemporary, applying modern investment theory to real-world scenarios. Case studies and projects are used at various points of the curriculum.

Leadership Development Program for Minority Managers Graduate Certificate

This groundbreaking and award-winning program supports the advancement of high-potential minority managers by offering education in the latest management and leadership theory and practice, enhancing leadership and career-management skills in the process. In addition, the program potentially fulfills some degree requirements for master’s program at the Carey Business School.

Marketing (MS)

The comprehensive curriculum of this intensive program provides students with a foundational knowledge of marketing theory, analysis, and practical application, which they build upon by selecting a concentration in strategic marketing, marketing communication and promotion, or marketing management.

Master of Business Administration

MBA programs are offered in a variety of formats that provide convenient scheduling and, in the case of the MBA Fellows degree, online distance learning. Also available are specialized MBA degrees, including dual degrees delivered jointly with other divisions of Johns Hopkins, one of the world’s greatest research universities. While many of these programs are geared toward part-time study, any student may pursue a full-time course of study in a Johns Hopkins MBA program.

Medical Services Management (MBA)

This distinctive program, administered jointly with the world-renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, is designed for experienced medical professionals who seek the business knowledge necessary to help them understand, analyze, and guide complex medical-delivery systems.

Organization Development (MBA)

This program prepares students to be innovative leaders in the rapidly growing global market for consulting and development services. Students develop a broad range of skills essential for effective, ethical guidance of individuals, groups, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, local and regional communities, and nation-states.

Public Health (MBA/MPH)

The MBA/MPH is a distinctive dual degree program administered jointly with the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It is designed for experienced healthcare professionals who seek the managerial skills that will earn them leadership roles in health-related organizations.

Real Estate (MS)

Full- and part-time program options deliver a comprehensive understanding of real estate investment, development, and management. The full-time program is designed in an accelerated, 12-month format, while the part-time option is ideal for mid-career professionals with three to five years of experience in the industry.

Leadership Education (Center for)

Programs available: Engineering Management, professional communication, entrepreneurship and management (minor)

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